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Sir, I am interested in doing Masters

Sir, I am interested in doing Masters

Bugga Muniraj
I am from India, I need some guidance to get admission in your University and can I get course thought in English
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Dear Bugga Muniraj,

Thank you for your interest in study programmes at Heidelberg University and your question on OnlineBeratungLehramt.

For us to be able to accurately provide you with an answer to the question that you posted, we need some additional information on what studied before and what you would like to study at Heidelberg University.

The Heidelberg University offers a few Master´s programmes in English but does not have any Bachelor´s programmes that are solely taught in English. If you follow this link, you will find the list of Master´s programmes that are taught in English:

https://www.uni-heidelberg.de/courses/prospective/academicprograms/master_en.html .

In order to be able to give you advice on whether or not Heidelberg University can offer you the study programme you desire, I would need some additional information from you:

1. What would you like to study at Heidelberg University?

2. Do you have a Bachelor´s degree? If so, what did you study?

3. Do you have any German language skills that qualify you for admission to a Bachelor´s programme? All information on language requirements for the study programmes at Heidelberg University can be found here:

https://www.uni-heidelberg.de/courses/prospective/admission_int/knowledge_german.html .

4. Do you have any nationality other than the Indian nationality?

Furthermore, I would like to make you aware of the tuition fee of EUR 1.500 per semester for all Bachelor’s/Staatsexamen and consecutive Master’s degree programmes at all institutions of higher education in Baden-Württemberg (Germany). Since Wintersemester 2017/2018 alle foreign students from non-EU and non-EEA (European Economic Area - Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway) are required to pay the aforementioned tuition fee. You can find more information on tuition fees here:

https://www.uni-heidelberg.de/courses/prospective/fees/tuitionfeesinternational.html .

Thank you again for your interest in Heidelberg University.

With kind regards,

Das Onlineberatungsteam